US military expanding presence in the Philippines

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A Dispatch from Andre Vltchek & Crista Priscilla

[T]he good light in which the US is perceived today by many Filipinos is the result of extremely successful propaganda comparing the US with Spanish imperialism…and the ignorance and short memory of most people. In this interview Dr. Eduardo Tadem and his wife Teresa discuss the implications of the new military pact between the US and the Philippines, an agreement that allows the Pentagon, not just to maintain bases in that nation, like the giant Subic Bay naval base, but to use Filipino bases and military installations at its own discretion.

This is a new level of integration between the two militaries, and the mark of a new type of aggressive neocolonialism. The story has received, as usual, practically no coverage or commentary on the American press. 

Published on Jul 14, 2014

PRECIS: A discussion on the US intervention in Philippines development with Dr. Eduardo Climaco Tadem, Professor of Asian Studies of University of the Philippines Diliman and his wife, Dr Teresa S. Encarnación Tadem, Professor of Political Science of University of the Philippines Diliman

Filmed by Andre Vltchek in Manila, Philippines.
Exclusive for Asia Africa Kappa.
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