Finally, a Human Truth from MSM on “War” in Gaza.

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[Photo: Saleh, center, is supported by friends. CBS News]

Thank you to CBS news for finally doing an honest piece about the slaughter that is happening in Gaza. Their report was driven by the death of the son of their cameraman – a child likely most of the crew knew. My heart goes out to him, and all those losing loved ones in these insane attacks. This piece that was on the evening news on Tuesday 7/28/2014, was the first piece I have seen from the corporate media that gave a truly human face to the horrendous loss of life, and the obscene inequality of the “war” between Israel and whoever they think¬† they are fighting.


Children Caught in Deadly Crossfire in Gaza.”


For more discussion on this report, please see the article at The Greanville Post.



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