Domestic Violence is Not a Passing Fad

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DomesticViolenceHurtsEveryoneBy Rowan Wolf, Editor in Chief

[Graphic courtesy The Crime Report.]

[I]t is critical that people understand that domestic violence is not something that just goes away – no matter how much we would like to think that it will. Abusers all to frequently accelerate their behavior over time rather than “getting over it.” One of the “flags” for future abusers is actually abusing animals. As the child gets older, that transfers to causing other humans pain – from beating up peers and bullying, to rape, abuse, and sometimes even serial murderers.

People who are victims of domestic violence – particularly women – are often pressured to remain in the abusive relationship. In my opinion, and the opinion of most folks who work with the violence has a tendency to get worse rather than better. Too many people end of permanently damaged or dead from “domestic violence.”

The video below is of a Croatian woman who took a picture of herself every day for a year. The resulting video is now part of an effort in Croatia to increase awareness of domestic violence.

YouTube video –

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