US Pogrom Parody featuring Narendra Modi

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NarendraModiRallyInRourkelaBy Mathew Maavak

[Narendra Modi at rally in Rourkela. Courtesy]

“Even before he touched down on U.S. soil after a nine-year visa ban, a federal court in New York has issued summons against the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his role in presiding over the anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat during 2002 when he was Chief Minister of the state.” – The Hindu, Sept 26, 2014.

[T]he timing of this summons was impeccable, and I presume this was intended to issue a subtle carrot-and-stick ultimatum to a key BRICS nation. This is not the first time the US had tried to splatter Modi with the mass murderer gob. Perhaps, Washington hopes that some residual stain may prove fertile in the United States, in that dung called the collective American consciousness. It is the type of consciousness that induced the genocide of 200,000 Syrians, many of them minorities, women and children after the US attempted to remove the only leadership capable of protecting them in the region. And simply because the Saudi Wahhabi masters of the United States demand these orgies of death!

Let me describe American consciousness. Close your eyes for a moment. I am, after all, a certified Asian, and my mind can envision certain things through the ancient art of strategic foresight.

Think of Modi. Wouldn’t the US visa ban against him remain if everything was fine with Russia and Vladimir Putin? If so, can you not see an unprecedented agitprop against the “Muslim-hating leader of India” who can be seen with paraphernalia bearing the Swastika – an ancient symbol of India and the Far East that long predated Nazism? Is…is he an anti-Semite as well? (Note to US evangelicals: This is the part when you turn all Zombie).

Repeat the Swastika imagery long enough and even neo-Nazis may join the India-bashing. The Modi hysterics can be stretched to include genocide, pogroms and even Hitler. Yes, Hitler! Do not, at all costs, let your mind wander to the rising hate wave against Jews within the heart of NATO. It discombobulates the flow of cosmic consciousness. The collective American consciousness!

Think I am stretching this a bit too far? Now, open your eyes and replace Narendra Modi” with “Vladimir Putin” and you will see this transpiring. You don’t have to get all Oriental and mystic to see plain reality. Someone has to fill the bogeyman cum existential threat lacuna. The United States is not defined by its internal strengths or the ingenuity of its people, but by its bogeymen and endless wars.

Why the US antagonizes the world

The US leadership will continue to provoke the rest of the world without end. Past trends clearly show the future. There are no surprises here, and you can anticipate the trajectory of US political ethos all too clearly. Animal behaviour is not very complex.

The government of the United States will not allow any state or nation to pursue geopolitical strategic autonomy. Peoples and nations will not be allowed to decide their own future, their own socio-economic well-being, with their own leadership. Neither Crimean nor Russian nor Indian will be allowed by the US to decide their own future. Why should the rest of the world develop rapidly and gain the temerity to send missions to Mars – at 10% of US market rates – when the US teeters towards bankruptcy?

“Freedom and democracy”, “independence” and “liberty” are catchy slogans intended to perpetuate a bipartisan dictatorship that, in turn, forms enduring synergies with Sharia tyrannies. The BRICS must be broken and Mickey Mouse must die.

The Muslim Reality

Here are some questions and answers that may surprise you.

Which non-Muslim nation boasts of having a Muslim as the father of its missile program? Which non-Muslim nation boasts of having a Muslim as a pioneer of its vaunted multibillion software industry? Which non-Muslim nation boasts of having Muslim Oscar winners and it’s first President and so on?

Answer: It is India!

Now, which non-Muslim nation boasts of having a Muslim as its wealthiest individual? Its foremost military strategist? For having a former tennis No: 1 along with his sister?

Answer: It is Russia

Has the United States or United Kingdom or any NATO flunky ever produced any Muslim citizen of such calibre despite the shameless Islamist appeasements of its leaders? Moral of the story: Muslims are generally better off in India and Russia. Think that taxpayer-funded importee Malala Yusofzai is going make a huge, real difference to the lives of people or is she going to be another multimillion dollar illusion of “hope and change”?

There are probably more convert American and British jihadis signing up for ISIS than from among India’s 175 million Muslims. Think about it! You cannot run a global terror racket with too many recruits drawn from the BRICS. If you do, you will let the cat – not Pussy Riot – out of the bag.

Which nation’s military is perennial camping, intervening, warring and regime-changing in the Islamic world? Is it India? Russia? China?

It is, of course, the United States of America.

The Pogrom Parody

The age-old Western charge against Modi was that he, as the former Chief Minister of the Indian State of Gujarat, was responsible for an “anti-Muslim” pogrom during ONE (1) sudden outburst of state-wide rioting. The violence was the result of an immediate reprisal attack after 58 Hindu pilgrims – many of them women and children – were immolated by Islamist mobs on Feb 27, 2002. The event, among innumerable others, foreshadowed the barbarism of ISIS.

The West wasted no time in charging the vegetarian Hindu Modi – probably seen as a weakling, no-hoper in their eyes– to win the hearts and minds of 1.6 billion Muslims. Role models like Marat Safin, Azim Premji, Makhmut Gareev, Abdul Kalam and AR Rahman can shove it. The West really knew how to stand up for Islam!

Its media – already primed for atavistic agitations of the kind witnessed after the takedown of Flight MH17 – began depicting Modi in genocidal terms. The death of 790 Muslims was accompanied by frothy editorials and high morals. They were as lofty as the pristine purity of Pussy Riot.

Narendra Modi became the only leader to be banned from the United States under a particular section of the US Immigration and Nationality Act. Faithful toadies the European Union, United Kingdom and Canada followed suit. When it comes to Wahhabi appeasement or just about any foreign policy issue, NATO lackeys have absolutely no say on the matter.

The fact that another 254 Hindus died in the 2002 riots did not really matter. Their lives do not, and did not matter, to the West or its allies in the Islamic world. Russian churches do not matter. Malaysian Boeings do not matter. There is nothing sacred in the eyes of the United States if it stands in the way of global domination.

It did not matter that between the 2002 Gujarat riots and today, millions of ordinary Muslims had to die as a result of spuriously engineered WMD charges against Saddam Hussein. What mattered was that the United States, and its Western flunkies, had to act as Saudi Arabia’s unflinching K9 unit to remove every obstacle remaining in the way of complete Wahhabi domination of the Sunni Islamic world. Saddam had to go, Gaddafi had to go, Mubarak had to go, and now Assad must go.

It did not matter that the world had to endure a whopping 25,000 jihadi attacks worldwide since 9/11 due to the United States’ murderous co-habitation with Wahhabi Islam.

Who are the real mass murderers here? Did any US court issue King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with a similar court summons for his government’s genocidal role against Christians, Shias, Alawites and Mandeans in Syria and Iraq? Did any court issue a summons against the US Congress for redacting 28-pages of the official 9/11 report that touched on Saudi financing of Al Qaeda and jihadi terror? Close to 3,000 Americans were murdered in about an hour on that day. Instead of restitution, there was mass political prostitution to the House of Saud. The US leadership used every death as a propaganda commodity to wage more wars.

This is why the war on terror failed. It was not tactics, not the lack of political will or anything else peddled by “think tank” supremoes and pundits. Just about every bullet lodged in the back of a US soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan was probably paid for through the generosity of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE.

The self-styled American “patriot” is a coward who can never, ever acknowledge this horrible truth. All he can do is appease the Wahhabi monster, and dream up fictitious new threats towards this end.

Has the United States ever imposed a visa ban on Pakistani officials for failing to protect its severely persecuted Christian minority? A Christian pastor was murdered in Pakistan only yesterday, by a police officer no less. Doesn’t that remind you of that proud US marine, Major Nidal Hasan?

Mental illness seems to be an American birth-right and the US intends to export this ingrained trait to the ends of the world. Nidal Hasan, a psychiatrist, should be able to attest to the fact.


Legal Farce and Contradiction

You may need to wade through the gutters of insanity to understand US geopolitical thinking. Warmongering apologists, heaving in their folds of blubber, may say: “But we have freedom. We have democracy. We do not dictate summons to our courts like in a Soviet Communist dictatorship.”

Did Modi have any control over the paroxysm of violence that engulfed Gujarat? Indian courts had cleared him of culpability. Similarly, India had little initial control over the mass murders of its citizens during the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack, which, was in fact masterminded by a US citizen, David Headley. Why do US courts refuse to deport Headley for trial in an Indian court over charges of mass murder and terrorism perpetrated on Indian soil?

Why did the United States refuse to hand over Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson for trial in India, for criminal negligence leading to the deaths of over 4,000 Indians and debilitating injuries to over 500,000 of them?

Why was the Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade arrested, strip-searched, cavity-checked and DNA-fingerprinted over an alleged tax evasion charge? Didn’t diplomatic immunity apply? What is the rationale behind cavity-checking a female diplomat for allegedly not paying her maid enough? Is Pussy Riot running US Homeland Security?

Wasn’t Khobragade’s humiliating arrest a calculated US reprisal for India’s repeated requests for the extradition of Headley? Au contraire, was the Saudi ambassador’s wife ever arrested, let alone cavity-checked, over the more serious charge of transferring funds to the 9/11 hijackers?

This untrammelled lawlessness reminds me of that verse in the Book of Revelations (13:4):

Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?

The beast has been waging unceasing war in some corner of the world even before I was born. And it will continue to do so while it speaks “peace” and the need to uphold “international law.”

Move Putin! Modi has a date with Destiny

The US summons interestingly alludes to a 21-day deadline that requires Modi to answer the court. “Judgement by default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint.” Legally, Narendra Modi has no excuse now that he is actually on US soil, on a state visit upon the express invitation of Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America.

The red carpet is accompanied by the red letter show cause notice. It is the American neo-conservative way.

The indictment of Modi, as laughable as it may appear, will not happen. Not now anyway. The US has to try prising India away from the BRICS. If Modi submits to every US demand, then some legal or mental callisthenic can be performed. ISIS terrorists could blow up the court, legal officers, papers, complainants and just about every Press anywhere that published this bizarre parody. Or Saudi Arabia could send martyrs a la 9/11 to obliterate the court and its records.

But what if Narendra Modi becomes a thorn in the American flesh? Then, there is a legal basis here to whip up future mass hysteria over that murderer, “pogromist” or Hitler. The press templates are ready. Just replace “Putin” with” Modi”, “Donbas” with “Gujarat” and voila…. America has a new, righteous cause!

@Mathew Maavak 2014

Sept 26, 2014, Kuala Lumpur.

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