The Degenerate Spawn of the West Infecting Ukraine

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UkraineNaziEmblemsBy Alevtina Rea.

[Graphic: Ukrainian Nazi symbols.] [T]he state of mass media propaganda excludes a majority of the populations of Western countries from knowledge of the real state of affairs. The latter is being brazenly – and also quite skillfully – substituted by the simulacrum that retains the semblance of truth but distorts its essence and purpose. Nevertheless, all the sophisticated attempts to twist the truth are powerless against inquiring minds. Although our minds may be dazzled by a show of specious independence and democracy in Ukraine, it is not easy to deceive all those in the know and who want to know. After all, the facts are mostly in the open, right behind the translucent veil of fabricated lies.

There is something exceedingly vicious in the U.S. puppets in Kiev who will stop at nothing to achieve their long-coveted EU-integration, even at the cost of ruining their country’s economy, unleashing the punitive military actions against Novorossia residents, spreading the politics of fear against their own citizens whose views differ from the official line, and assuming the role of serfs as far as the IMF’s predatory demands are concerned. In their Russophobic pursuit, even the use of neo-Nazi goons is permissible and justifiable in their eyes, as well as being covered up by their western masters – the U.S.A. and the EU.

The neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine – the Right Sector, the Svoboda party, the Azov, Donbass and Dnipro battalions – don’t even try to hide themselves as the followers of Bandera (the Ukrainian Nazi collaborator) or their brutal intentions. They sport Nazi symbols, they use the Ukrainian Nazi slogan, “Glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes!” and they are in no way restrained by any conventions of decency and morality. In fact, since the time of Euro-Maidan, the neo-Nazi punitive forces have unleashed a terror campaign against any pro-Russian or Novorossia sympathizer! They live and operate in a very simple, even primitive, world. Their hatred toward anyone and everyone who is not “them” is natural and total. They operate in packs, they are militant, and they are ruthless. However, the blood and misery of those tortured by the neo-Nazis of Ukraine cry out and gradually become known to the world through people’s accounts. This week representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic have found three mass graves near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine said in its daily report on September 23, published on the organization’s website: “A detailed post-mortem examination, complicated by the decomposition of the bodies in the month since their violent death, showed that they were tortured before being murdered. The corpses, whose hands were tied behind their backs, also showed signs that the internal organs had been taken.” Further investigation is to follow.

According to a ceasefire agreement, Ukraine and Novorossia have been exchanging prisoners over the course of the last two weeks. Those released have started to share their personal experiences in the hands of the Right Sector or in the prisons of the Ukrainian Security Service. As a journalist from Kharkov, Alexander Oleynik, reports:

“Arbitrary arrests of the activists of anti-fascist and patriotic movements, threats of physical violence against opposing politicians and their family members, the deprivation of the citizens’ right to freedom of speech, appeals to the people to inform on one another – these are the results that have recently ‘blossomed’ in the Kharkov region. According to an official statement by the local authorities, in the dungeons of the Security Service and Interior Ministry, about 400 people have been detained since March of this year on suspicion of ‘separatism, terrorism, and encroachment on the sovereignty of Ukraine.’ Incidentally, most of them found their way to Ukrainian prisons as a result of denunciations by the agents-provocateurs embedded in the anti-fascist movement.

“In order to knock out the nonexistent evidences of subversive activity from all those arrested, the following Gestapo-Bandera methods are being used: beating into a pulp, the planting of weapons and explosives during the searches, the use of narcotics, which affect the mental state of the libeled victim. In unison with the goons of the Security Service and the Interior Ministry, corrupt journalists are playing the same game, in which they fashion the image of traitors and the Russian agents out of innocent prisoners.

“One of the most colorful figures that stand out from the crowd of the Jesuits and sadists is a chief of the counterintelligence branch of the Kharkov Security Service, Colonel Pukhnaty. He was the main perpetrator of the brutally sophisticated beating of a prominent scientist and public figure A.N. Samoilov. With his foot pressing down on the head of Samoilov, who was lying on the pavement, this sadistic Banderite demanded an admission of his victim’s anti-government conspiracy. At the same time, his minions aimed kicks at the man’s body, leaving him badly beaten and basically turning this man’s body into a bloody mess. Despite the fact that the trial judge presiding over his case was able to attest that these bastards turned the previously physically healthy A. Samoilov into an invalid, and despite the lawyer’s appeal, this ‘servant of justice’ took no action to investigate the criminal acts of the home-grown Gestapo.

“As to the other regions of Ukraine, one may say that the crimes of the junta over there are of a systemic nature and aimed not only at the suppression of the protest movement in this country, but also at the unquestioning obedience to the will of our ancestral enemies (sic. – the West), whose geopolitical goals are hiding the cunning plan: to trigger felo-de-se, the self-destruction, of the Slavic peoples. In the name of these goals, the Banderites do not shun any means, even resorting to the repression of the Orthodox Church clergy, blaming them for preaching pacifist sermons and charging them with forming a terrorist organization. On one of these occasions, the Russian Spring website reports: Lugansk Archpriest Vladimir Moretsky, just recently released from Ukrainian captivity, spoke about the conditions in which he and his companions in captivity were held. According to the priest, the hostages were brutally tortured. ‘To say that they beat us is to say nothing. We were killed. We were shot, they broke our bones, we were beaten not only by hands and feet, but also by the truncheons and by all the means available,’ said the released priest.”


The presence of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is a proven fact. And the western world, in an unperturbed fashion, is watching their fundamental glorification of violence in Ukraine without any effort to take responsibility for generating and supporting this ogre. As A. Oleynik says, “So far, this fledging Banderite monster is just spreading its wings and trying to perform test flights, not flying too far from its own nest in anticipation of nutritious feeding from the western ‘guardians of democracy.’ … It is utterly regrettable that the international community is silently mulling over the fact that they engendered the omnivorous degenerate who turned into a cannibal, ruthlessly destroying and devouring its own people.”


Alevtina Rea is a Deputy Editor for the Russia Desk of The Greanville Post. She is a freelance analyst and writer; for 7 years (2005 – 2012), she worked as an assistant editor with CounterPunch. Ms. Rea is a contributing author to CounterPunch, Cyrano’s Journal Today, Uncommon Thought Journal, and the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies. She can be reached at

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