The Fifth Sun ~ A Review

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TezcatlipocaDrawBy Diane Gee

[I] just finished The Fifth Sun by esteemed author and my dear friend Gaither Stewart.  My personal affinity for the scribe aside, this was a read I never wanted to end – purely from personal selfishness.  Its characters became my friends, in fact; each became myself in turn.

This is a deep hearted tome, deep in that touching way that plays your emotions to the hilt, yet written in such a way, that you aren’t even aware how it makes you question everything about your values, what you have been taught, dogmas and reality while you are reading it.  Those thoughts seep in, in the quiet times you are not turning the pages – it makes you think – hours and days after the words pass your eyes.

The characters are so human, flawed, full of both bravado and introspection, like all of us are.  It makes me feel like the author has not only observed the human condition, but has such empathy for it, he is able to don the skin, voice, emotion of the many players throughout.

It is a story of ordinary people, yet extraordinary… obviously a class of people that don’t really have to work for a living, (money is never an issue) but still have the existential angst of trying to find their place in the cosmos.  Religion weighs in, as well as cultural identity.  It gives us glimpses of European culture from both the indigenous view, and the ex-pats who come there to find meaning.  It brings us to the Americas, culminating in Mexico, with an unbiased look at what identity means to all humans.

What is sanity?  What is reality?  How have humans coped with thee questions all through the ages?  Yet, this humble story, rich with interesting characters and their story-lines, approaches all these questions in a way that is the opposite of preachy, the epitome of approachable, and allows you to make and feel your own conclusions.

I cannot express how much this book spoke to me on so many levels.

Sinking into it, you have to allow the many character’s stories pour over you, and wait while the ingredients, like a gourmet sauce bring to you the final product. You will not be disappointed.  You will want more.

Read this book!

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