Clare Daly calls Obama a war criminal in Irish parliament

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A gale of fresh air.
If you never saw this, here’s your chance. 


Clare Daly, an Irish parliamentarian uses the kind of talk we practically never hear in the US Congress—or media, for that matter—as both institutions have been completely pre-empted and prostituted by corporate power, to denounce Obama during his visit to Ireland in 2013.  Such “disrespect” is desperately needed in our time of criminal imperial presidents.

RT: ‘Obama hypocrite of century’: Full interview with controversial Irish MP Clare Daly

Who is Clare Daly?

Clare Daly (born April 1968) is an Irish politician.[1] She was elected as a Socialist PartyTeachta Dála (TD) for the Dublin North constituency at the 2011 general election.[2] She was previously a Socialist Party councillor for the Swords electoral area on Fingal County Council. She resigned from the Socialist Party on 31 August 2012, redesignating herself as a United Left Alliance TD.[3]

Daly is from NewbridgeCounty Kildare. Her father, Kevin Daly, was a Colonel in the Irish Armyand Director of Signals. She is a long-standing atheist, though her brother and an uncle are in the Catholic priesthood.[4] Daly studied accountancy at Dublin City University.[4] She was twice elected president of the Students’ Union and was prominent in the students’ movement campaign for abortion rights and information. On leaving college she took a job in the catering section of Aer Lingus on a low wage,[4] and became SIPTU‘s shop steward at Dublin Airport when the airline was engaged in extensive cost-cutting and outsourcing. Daly was elected to the Labour Party‘s Administrative Committee as a youth representative. She was expelled from the Labour Party in 1989 alongside Joe Higgins and other supporters of the Militant Tendency.

She resigned from the Socialist Party on 31 August 2012.[3] In a statement, the Socialist Party said “it believed Ms Daly had resigned because she placed more value on her political connection with Independent TD Mick Wallace than on the political positions and work of the Socialist Party.”[18] This claim was dismissed by Daly as “absolute nonsense”, who stated that she had not called for Wallace’s resignation because the Socialist Party had not called for his resignation.[19] She requested a share of the €120,000 Socialist Party’s Leaders Allowance to allow her to continue to fund her activities as an Independent TD.[20]

In April 2013, along with Joan Collins, she founded a new political party called United Left.[21]

Daly has accused the government of “prostituting” Ireland to US President Barack Obama and criticised what she described as media and political “slobbering” over First Lady Michelle Obama and her children during their stay in Ireland. She also called President Obama a hypocrite and a war criminal for speaking about peace whilst using drones to bomb foreign civilians and wanting to supply weapons to Syrian rebels, some of which are affiliated with Islamist organisations, including Al-Qaeda. Taoiseach Enda Kenny responded to her comments, saying they were a disgrace to Irish people around the world and to the victims of The Troubles since President Obama has supported peace in Northern Ireland.[22][23][24]


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