BREAKING – UAF Massively shelling DPR – Drastic Deterioration [video]

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DPRDeputyCommanderEduardBasurinKievHostilitiesScrnCapVia Fort Russ News Service (August 27, 2015)

RusVesna – translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski
“Emergency statement: UAF massively shelling DPR, Poroshenko intends to resume hostilities — Ministry of Defence”

On the evening of August 26, DPR Deputy Commander, Eduard Basurin, made an emergency statement: “The situation in the DPR has drastically deteriorated.
The Kiev fascist regime has given the criminal order to shell our territories.
As a result, from 5 P.M. punitive forces began massively shelling positions of the DPR army and the civilian areas of Belaya Kamenka, Novolaspa, Staroslava, and Staroignatovka.
The fascists have used heavy artillery prohibited by the Minsk Agreements against the civilian areas of Aleksandrovka and Marinka. The outskirts of Donetsk have been struck.
The shelling has been carried out from the positions of the 72nd mechanized brigade under the command of the criminal Grishchenko, as well as the 19th infantry battalion. The enemy is using ACS howitzers of 152 and 122 mm, mortars of 120 and 80 mm, and tanks.
A residential block in the Kubyshevsky district of Donetsk suffered a direct hit from a fascist tank.
According to our estimate, the enemy is trying to provoke a response by our troops and with such activity convince the army command of the DPR to prepare for an offensive in this direction of the UAF.
It is safe to say that the criminal fascist regime is purposefully trying to disrupt the Minsk Agreement. The bloodthirsty Kiev puppets are out to disrupt the establishment of peaceful life in the Republic, thereby showing the whole world their inability to conduct civilized negotiations. The paranoiacs in power are leading Ukraine into the abyss!
The President of Ukraine seeks to resume hostilities and lead a new escalation of tensions in Eastern Europe, and therefore, we appeal to the people and officers of Ukraine: sabotage the criminal orders of the UAF command, show acts of defiance, and demonstrate an absence of support for the aggressive plans of Poroshenko.
Come over to the side of the DPR, stand with us to protect the civilian population of Donbass!
We call on the leaders of European countries and Russia, as well as international organizations, to stop the criminal actions of Poroshenko in Donbass, by which the Ukrainian president seeks to unleash a new conflict in Eastern Europe and drown Donbass in blood!” – Eduard Basurin stated.

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