Personal Letter From The Editor. Please Stop the Hate!

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VigilantesBlogginBlueBy Rowan Wolf, Editor in Chief

Cyrano’s supporters, I am sure that you already know what I share in this letter. However, it is clear that for too many in the US this is “news.” It is these people I am trying to reach with this letter. If you feel it is warranted, please feel free to share this letter onward.

Dear Fellow Countrymen and Women,

I am saddened as I watch the repeated rhetoric and outright lies that are paraded as truth. So many of our political leaders, and would be political leaders, are using fear, hatred, and misinformation to rally people to their cause. That “cause” is not something one might perceive as “noble,” “patriotic,” or even “Christian.” That cause is their own narrow and self-serving quest for power and influence. In this quest too many would willingly use the enormous resources of the American nation, in blood, technology, propaganda, and treasure to achieve their ignoble goals.

All the hype and repetition aside, the “videos” of the supposed “horrendous” acts of Planned Parenthood are hoaxes. They are cobbled together, and highly edited, to create a story that is not true. Our political leaders (and wannabe leaders) know this, yet some keep pointing to them to rouse us to anger and pull us to support them. Now someone has decided to take justice for a fabricated crime into his own hands in Colorado Springs and 3 people lie dead … because of the lies.

We have all seen the horror of the attacks in Paris. This has been taken up by some political leaders (and wannabe leaders) to again fear monger the population. They are saying that terrorists may hide among the Syrian and Iraqi refugees. The leaders know that this is so unlikely to be virtually impossible. Refugees go through check after check before they are accepted. There are so many easier ways for a terrorist to slip into the US than to try to pose as a refugee. Why would any terrorist go to the MOST investigated group to try and get into the country? They wouldn’t.

Our leaders know this, and they are deliberately lying to us by ranting about the danger these refugees pose. Those who want to be leaders may not know this, but it is certainly their responsibility to find out the truth before they spout fear and hatred over and over. That they continue to do so shows only that they care more about garnering power to themselves – not that they care about our safety or the safety of our country.

Please demonstrate the wisdom and sense that too many of our political leaders lack. Please do not confuse hateful rhetoric with truth. We live in an era where money has been judged to equal free of speech. If you are seeing repeated television, radio, and internet ‘ads,’ the odds are that some group (or person) with a lot of money is trying to misinform you for their own ends – not for your good or the good of our country. The corporate media that take, profit by and disseminate these ads and misinformation are willing participants in deceiving us. They are the enemies in our own living rooms. Please resist attempts that try to call you to hate. That should not be who we are as a people.


Rowan Wolf, PhD, Editor in Chief of Cyrano’s Journal Today.

Graphic by Blogging Blue

Addendum: Graphic from White House depicting how refugees are screened.

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