Everyone Knew Her As Nancy—

Or be careful what you wish for

By Ernest Stewart



We join Ernest Stewart in his unabashed contempt for this undeserving cabal that is now succeeding the utterly corrupt Republicans...But, lest we lose sight of essential facts, a luxury that those who would change society can ill afford, we need to remember this: all we have done is elect the less blood-splattered clique, the less "obvious" murderer, the one with fewer stains on the butcher's apron, the accomplice. A bunch at the top as hypocritical as the one they are supposedly replacing.






Plus que ça change...?

Now, in late 2006...a kinder, gentler, colonialism? The ruling class' dog and pony show never stops.*



"Her name was Magil and she called herself Lil

But everyone knew her as Nancy."

Rocky Raccoon --- The Beatles


"When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers." --- Oscar Wilde


For six years folks on the left have talked of little else than taking back the House and the Senate from the the far right and bringing those criminals in the Junta to justice. Well that day has come and gone so what happened to those envisioned Happy Daze? Well the Democrats control the House and the Senate now so surely a swift righteous payback is on the way, right? Wrong! The reason can be found in two little words, Nancy Pelosi!


Who is this person Nancy Pelosi? To hear the Republicans talk about her you'd think she was to the left of the centralist Ted Kennedy, she isn't. The Republicans call her a radical, she is anything but a radical, nor is she even a liberal. She is like a lot of the Brown Shirt Democrats, a spoiled brat rich kid of a Baltimore Mayor and US Con-gressman, who seems to be by her own admission a little to the right of Darth Vader. Not to mention an admirer of our beloved Taxus Prairie Monkey, voting for almost the entire rat-wing scenario!


Not only won't she uphold the Constitution and Impeach Bush but that's off the table. It seems to me we just got rid of a treasonous Speaker of the House, didn't we? Is there no end to this madness?


The Junta; and Bush in particular, have committed treason well over 500 times! We quit counting after 500 and that was over two years ago! They're guilty of many war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. They're guilty too of crimes against humanity, crimes against the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights! They're guilty of creating a vast network of secret prisons, torture and theft of trillions of tax payer dollars just to name a few of their crimes. Even horrendous as these charges are apparently this isn't enough to bring impeachment charges against the Smirkster? Now that I think of it she's right; far right that is, as all those crimes combined don't stack up against a presidential blow-job do they? No Nancy wants to make nice with the Republicans, can't we all just get along? NO WE CAN'T!


Remember when old Slick Willy tried that? He thought he'd get on the good side of the Republicans by bringing up and passing several of Papa Smirk's bright ideas i.e. WTO and NAFTA. He got them passed where Papa couldn't and although there was dancing in the board rooms and crying in the unemployment lines the RNC had a surprise for Willy. A vast amount of good paying jobs; you know the type that hungry Americans will work, went bye bye and yet the Republicans did all they could to destroy Slick Willie anyway. Nancy is headed in that same direction full speed ahead. Is this the best that the Democrats can do, Nancy Pelosi?


It is as long as the DNC is in control of the party. The same corpo-rat goons that control the RNC also control the DNC and the result of this is most Americans don't bother to vote. Why vote if your choice is between Hitler and Himmler? From what I can see of American history the only "rich" person to ever obtain the presidency who gave a rats-ass about the working class and poor was JFK and they shot him. In fact Papa Smirk shot him or one of the two CIA four man hit teams that he brought to Dallas did!


Our only hope is to make sure our Representatives know how we feel about Nancy and her program to help the RNC and assure that the next President can feel free to rob, murder and commit various acts of treason and sedition in the knowledge that even if the opposition takes control nothing will be done for political crimes. Reminding us once again that there are two sets of laws, one for us and one for them! Funny thing that, eh? If you're not laughing about your fate, now is the time to bring about change. It is not the time to roll over and go back to sleep! It is time to instill the fear of the people into the hearts and minds of the politicians. Nothing will do that better than many slow, televised executions of the ruling class! Why not ask the French how this works and see if we can borrow a few Guillotines?


So I guess if we want to get rid of the Fuhrer we're going to have to catch him getting or giving a blow job? Which leaves us just four ways to go.


One: We can roll back over and go back to sleep and hope for the best.


Two: We can leave the country and move to a real democracy, there are a few of them.


Three: We can stay and start a new political party, perhaps a real liberal one?


Four: Or we can begin the third American revolution and start all over again!


I'm up for numbers two through four, how about you?


Just one more thought Nancy, if you Impeach Bush and Cheney that makes you the President and Reid Vice President. I'm going to repeat that again for those of you on drugs Nancy. If you Impeach...



Ernest Stewart (Uncle Ernie) a senior contributing editor to Cyrano, publishes Issues & Alibis, a weekly column of select iconoclastic commentary.


*Please see also our piece on the same subject by fellow editor John Steppling.



"PLEASE REMEMBER: No matter how involved we get in our human causes, we must never forget that one of the cruelest oppressions that which our own species perpetrates every day on billions of defenceless animals."