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0. PUTTING BLACK FACES ON IMPERIAL POLICY | By BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford | As African Americans contemplate the possibility of Barack Obama in the Oval Office, they should consider the ramifications of a Black face at the helm of an unreconstructed imperial policy. During the Secretary of State tenures of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, the face of U.S. aggression and lawlessness in the world, has been Black - a hell of an image to present to the planet! Barack Obama shows no inclination to abandon imperialism as state policy - only to avoid "dumb" wars, while placing U.S.-designated "interests" above international law. [READ ON}

1. BARACK OBAMA AND THE WINDS OF WAR By Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report)In the astute opinion of BAR's Executive Editor, Glen Ford, "...Barack Obama – who has never claimed to be a Black leader – is in fact not a leader at all. Nowhere is this more evident than in the most critical issue facing Americans and the world at this dangerous juncture in history: the war in Iraq..." [READ ON]

2. WHY I QUIT THE KLAN—STUDS TERKEL INTERVIEWS C.P. ELLIS C.P. Ellis was born in 1927 and was 53-years-old at the time of this interview with Studs Terkel. For Terkel, America's foremost oral historian, this remains the most memorable and moving of all the interviews he's done in a career spanning more than seven decades, for C.P. Ellis had once been the exalted cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan in Durham, N.C. During the interview, Terkel learned that Ellis had been born extremely poor in Durham, North Carolina; had struggled all his life to feed his family; had felt shut out of American society and had joined the Klan to feel like somebody. But later he got involved in a local school issue and reluctantly, gradually, began to work on a committee with a black activist named Ann Atwater...[READ ON]

3. KOZY WITH THE KLAN By Michael Parenti \The mainstream media downplay or ignore the many demonstrations that progressive forces have launched against war and social injustice. But not all demonstrators are slighted. Since the early 1970s, when the press first started announcing that the country was in a "conservative mood," the Ku Klux Klan has been accorded generous coverage. Lengthy and not altogether unsympathetic articles have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, Time, Newsweek and other publications...[READ MORE]

4. KUCINICH: A 'BLACKER' CANDIDATE THAN OBAMA By BAR Managing Editor Bruce DixonThe potential appeal of Dennis Kucinich to black voters is not limited to his stands on foreign policy. Whether it's health care, Social Security, the environment, the record of the congressman from Cleveland matches the best of the Congressional Black Caucus across the board. In an October 2003 article for Black Commentator, BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford called Al Sharpton and Kucinich, at a gathering of Democratic presidential candidates, “the only two civilized men in the room.” [READ MORE]

5.OBAMA'S AUDACIOUS DEFERENCE TO POWER | By Paul Street | Recommended by Black Agenda Report |Barack Obama's latest book reveals the presidential aspirant to be a rank racial accommodationist and political opportunist. The Illinois Senator urges empathy for those in power, labels critics on the Left cranks and zealots, and whitewashes America's past and present crimes. [READ MORE]

6. BARACK OBAMA: HYPOCRISY IN HEALTH CARE | By BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon |Since his days in the Illinois state legislature Barack Obama's position on health care has consistently devolved. Once a bold champion of medical care as a human right, Senator and presidential candidate Obama has become a timid advocate of failed "market-based" health care solutions, taking his lead from the private health insurance industry... [READ MORE]

7. THE MARTIN LUTHER KING YOU DON'T SEE ON TV | By Norman Solomon and Jeff Cohen | t's become a TV ritual: Every year on April 4, as Americans commemorate Martin Luther King's death, we get perfunctory network news reports about "the slain civil rights leader." The remarkable thing about these reviews of King's life is that several years -- his last years -- are totally missing, as if flushed down a memory hole. [READ MORE]

8. OBAMA AND THE RACE ZOMBIES | By Dave Niewert | NOTE BY THE EDITORS: We do not run this piece because we like or in any way whatsoever endorse or approve of Barack Obama as a presidential candidate. Our position has been stated clearly and eloquently in a number of pieces by some of our in-house editors, and our guest writers, including the distinguished African-American editors of Black Agenda Report, who have penned some of the most lucid criticism of Obama to be found anywhere on or off the web...[READ MORE]






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