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CJOURNAL is a political blog created by Greanville Publishing LLC (also the publisher of its associated fraternal site The Greanville Post). It incorporates specialized sections such as Eye on the Media, dedicated to worldwide political news, commentary and analysis, plus critiques of the arts, cinema, and culture. Rowan Wolf serves as Editor in Chief, while Patrice Greanville and Eddie Duvin take care of the publishing aspects. It accepts and selects superior writing from diverse sources, both solicited and unsolicited. Its published materials may or may not exactly coincide with the opinions or positions of all the site’s editors. CJOURNAL and THE GREANVILLE POST are fraternal sites sharing a common purpose, the fostering of authentic democracy and social justice, and peace toward nature in all its forms, especially sentient nature. 

Cyrano’s Journal Today is under the direction of ROWAN WOLF (Editor in Chief).
The Greanville Post is under the direction of PATRICE GREANVILLE. ED DUVIN serves as Editor at Large, for both sites.

FOR COMMENT and submissions, the editors may be contacted directly at: cyranoeditors@comcast.net

All nastiness and disagreements may be sent here.

* Some blogs are still not fully enabled. Stay tuned.

2 comments on “About CJOURNAL
  1. Good morning,

    I am trying to reach Tom Burghardt to invite him to be a guest on Gary Null’s Progressive Commentary Hour (aired out of New York City) this evening. Gary would like to devote the program to the rise of military and intelligence surveillance on domestic America.

    I have been unable to locate any contact info for him and hoping you may assist me to invite him. Would you have any contact info for me to reach him? Many thanks


    Richard Gale
    rgale at garynull.com

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