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Dominance and Plutocracy the American Way

[CAPTION: ALEXANDER HAMILTON, ONE OF THE PROTEAN FORGERS OF THE NEW NATION, AND AN OPEN ENEMY OF EGALITARIANISM.] Dominance and Plutocracy are –and have long been–the real form of American governance. And history shows representative democracy almost always degenerates into plutocracy. So how do we discard once and for all the myth of elections delivering democratic power in tune with the needs and demands of the majority?

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Worker rights: No balls, no gains

THE CLASS STRUGGLE HAS TAKEN A DIVE IN AMERICA, SAYS JOE BAGEANT, AND WITH THAT, WORKERS HAVE SEEN THEIR FORTUNES PLUMMET This was the golden age of both trucking and of unions. Thirty-five percent of American labor, 17 million working folks, were union members, and it was during this period the American middle class was created. The American middle class has never been as big as advertised, but if it means the middle third income-wise, then we actually had one at the time.

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Joe Bageant: The Great American Media Mind Warp

AN ETHANOL-PROPELLED BUS IN BRAZIL. MANY CLAIM THAT ETHANOL IS “THE” SOLUTION TO AMERICA’S ENERGY PROBLEM, BUT MORE SOBER MINDS QUESTION SUCH PROPOSITION. // “A while back I saw a video clip of an ethanol-fueled automobile driving past waves of grain with the Rockies in the background and a rippling American flag ghosted into the sky. These four elements of the clip, food grain fields, the automotive industry, the natural beauty of the Rockies and the national emblem have not much to do with each in the natural world, but they have everything to do with one another in the context of corporate empire…”

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