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Capitalism on a collision course with nature

THE ENEMY OF NATURE / BY JOEL KOVEL The past year has seen an accelerating awareness, a growing anger and realization of the bankruptcy of capital to contend with the crisis it has spawned. How can it, when to overcome the crisis would mean its own liquidation? There is now a widespread assumption, which was much more limited five years ago, that the problem is not this corporation or that, or “industrialization,” technology, or just plain bad luck, but all-devouring capital. This is a salubrious truth, a truth that sharpens the mind and can be worked with and built upon. The human intelligence can be daunted, but it cannot be erased. As the ecological crisis grinds on irrespective of capital’s propaganda system and its massive apparatus for fixing the environment, so does capital’s legitimacy begin to fray. IMAGE: Sarah Palin, a seductive apologist for the most destructive environmental practices under the pretext of “security” and “energy independence”, has been elevated to a prominent position by the most powerful elements in the ruling class, who are constantly on the lookout for propaganda shills and fronts to sell their lethal arrangements.

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Profiling CEOs and Their Sociopathic Paychecks

Sociopathic CEOs thriving in growing inequality / By Thom Hartmann Today’s modern transnational corporate CEOs-who live in a private-jet-and-limousine world entirely apart from the rest of us-are remnants from the times of kings, queens, and lords. They reflect the dysfunctional cultural (and Calvinist/Darwinian) belief that wealth is proof of goodness, and that that goodness then justifies taking more of the wealth. (Photo: William McGuire, United Health’s big honcho (second from L), next to former NJ Governor Tom Kean, and other Republican revelers. Billionaire pay is now the norm in the highest reaches of corporate America.

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