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UPDATE: Malaysian liner down—accident or false flag?

By Patrice Greanville, Publisher. The Height of Cheek [H]aving distorted and obliterated the context in which this dreadful accident took place, the US Empire’s mouthpieces, from the Liar in Chief to the myriad of presstitutes that populate the Western media, are now busily asking Putin to “accept responsibility” for the… Read the rest

Global Peace, Europe, America and Humanity in Search of Intelligent Leaders

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD. Towards Understanding the Political Monsters of History Contemporary superpowers are mere assumed names and abstract titles, not the compelling reality of the global political affairs. Why nothing good comes out of the combined resources of the global institutional working? One perspective could be that… Read the rest

Lily Pad Roll: The new classic in political espionage thrillers

“OUTSTANDING” “Delves deep into the hidden history of false flag terrorism in Europe, with heroes who turn official history upside down… tough..gripping…an education” —Cyrano’s Journal Today— Other contemporary novelists, such as le Carré and Ludlum, have skirted around the issues. So far, only Stewart has had the courage to nail… Read the rest

Adventures in the Italian Healthcare System

Special for The Greanville Post & Cyrano’s Journal Even confused, often corrupt, bumbling Italy has a much better healthcare service than America, and a much less savage capitalism. (Gaither Stewart from Rome)  I just returned from my national health doctor and the next door pharmacy. The doctor graciously dressed an… Read the rest
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