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President Obama and the DLC – A Retrospective

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BY STEVEN JONAS “There were many factors which lead to the Crash of 2008, otherwise known as the Failure of Finance Capitalism. But if one wanted to pick one among many as the most important cause, it was that repeal. Currently, the DLC still clings to the Right. On its website you can find its policy paper on health care reform which says in essence forget about the public option, what we really need is health insurance regulation and “exchanges.” You can find a 2005 paper by Will Marshall calling for “victory” in Iraq. And you can even find a continued devotion to “free trade,” as if enough US manufacturing jobs had not already been sent abroad in search of higher profits…”

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Darth Vader won't quit

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STEVEN JONAS ON CHENEY’S MALEVOLENT OBSESSIONS “Dick Cheney does not make off-hand remarks. Dick Cheney knows the truth from falsehood. Dick Cheney does not live in an alternate reality. Dick Cheney does try very hard to conceal the reality that he lives in. That is why, during his vice presidency, he made very few public appearances where one or more members of the media could question him….”

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