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Capitalism, land rights and Aboriginal resistance

By Cathy Lewis (Indigenous protest in Brisbane leading up to the G20 Summit. Redflag Aboriginal land rights have been articulated and fought for by generations of Aboriginal freedom fighters, activists, unionists, campaigners, community groups and their supporters for more than 200 years.Did you like this? Share it:… Read the rest

World Bank Business Projects Displaced 3.4 Million People

By (Photo Left: Joseph Kilimo Chebet, a father of five, standing next to the burned remains of his homestead in Kenya, destroyed only hours prior by Kenya Forest Service officers for a World Bank-funded project. Tony Karumba/ GroundTruth) At least 3.4 million people have been physically or economically displaced… Read the rest

The Mother of All Margin Calls! The Derivatives Chain May Create “A Domino Effect” which “Locks Up” the Entire Credit System

By Brad Holter (Photo by Reto Fetz / flickr.) This past Friday (4/17/15), Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics put out a very thoughtful article and chart regarding the spike in “reverse repurchase agreements”Did you like this? Share it:… Read the rest

The Hoagland-Blinken Doctrine Is Washington’s Updated Plan For Central Asia (II)

By Andrew Korubko (USA) Part I (Thailand – solar panels -by Asian Development Bank / flickr.) The first part of the article examined the US’ stated goals in Central Asia, its geopolitical jealousy of Russia and China for their successes there, and the Color Revolution infrastructure that it’s building in… Read the rest

“Carbon Copy”: How Big Oil and King Coal Ghost Write Letters for Public Officials, Business Groups

By Steve Horn (Photo: Bill Owens, former Governor of Colorado, now on board of Cloud Peak Energy. wikipedia.) The Billings Gazette has revealed that coal mining company Cloudpeak Energy ghost wrote protest letters to the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) on behalf of allied policymakers and business groups.Did you like… Read the rest

The Hoagland-Blinken Doctrine Is Washington’s Updated Plan For Central Asia (I)

By Andrew Korybko (USA) (Part 2) (Mall of Asia by Jun Acullador / flickr.)’s Joshua Kucera first reported on two important speeches by the State Department that supposedly heralded in a new policy towards Central Asia. The announcements were made within one day of each other by Richard Hoagland,… Read the rest

Dear Farmers: U.S. is Now Importing Organic Corn to Satisfy Consumer Demand

By Heather Callaghan (Corn stalks. Photo by CAPL.) There are three things driving a surge in organic imports: U.S. farmers have been systematically pushed into growing mostly GMO crops; grown primarily for fuel, animal feed and cheap processed foods. Russia even used our food supply as an example for the… Read the rest
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