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‘Not For Sale': Foregoing $1 Billion Payout, First Nations Tribe Rejects LNG Project

By Lauren McCauley [Photo: The Flora Bank at the mouth of the Skeena River, pictured here, where the PNW terminal would be built, plays a fundamental and irreplaceable role in British Columbia’s coastal ecology. (Photo: Sam Beebe/cc/flickr)] Placing the well-being of the Earth above monetary interests, the Lax Kw’alaams First… Read the rest

Texas’ Ban On Fracking Bans Proves Industry Money Talks and Residents Walk

By Claire Bernish [Photo: Nathan Rupert.] In a peremptory case of government acting as oil industry legislator, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a prohibition on fracking bans — completely undermining one town’s hard-won ordinance to protect its citizens’ health and safety. Effective immediately, no city or town in… Read the rest

Middle Class? What Middle Class?

By Jack A. Smith [Photo courtesy The Economic Collapse Blog.] A complex class system exists in the United States, but the mass media and political rhetoric generally reduces it to three components — one middle class, and two economic generalizations — rich and the poor. Indeed the term “class” itself,… Read the rest

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Threatening and Censoring Scientists Exposing Bee Death Epidemic

By Christina Sarich [Photo:Wikipedia.] A formal letter to the United States Department of Agriculture reports that scientists are being harassed and their research on bee-killing pesticides is being censored or suppressed by the Monsanto-infiltrated agency (the USDA). Surprised, anyone?Did you like this? Share it:… Read the rest

Want to Help Nepal Recover from the Quake? Cancel its Debt.

By Kanya D’Almeida (Photo: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / Flickr) The death toll from Nepal’s earthquake has now passed 3,300, and there is no telling how much farther it will climb. The government and international aid agencies are scrambling to cope with the aftermath of a 7.8-magnitude quake… Read the rest

Wal-Mart’s Water Is Bottled From Drought Stricken California Tap Water Read More:

By John Vibes A recent investigation revealed that Wal-Mart is selling bottled water from a Sacramento water facility at a severely marked up rate. Not only are they selling municipal water as bottled water, but they are getting the water from a state that is in the middle of a… Read the rest

One in Four Local Banks Has Vanished Since 2008. Why We Should Treat It as a National Crisis

By Stacy Mitchell Here’s a statistic that ought to alarm anyone interested in rebuilding local economies and redirecting the flow of capital away from Wall Street and toward more productive ends: Over the last seven years, one of every four community banks has disappeared. We have 1,971 fewer of these… Read the rest
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