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EYE ON THE MEDIA: How Reliable Is Reuters?

Eric Zuesse Defence Mnister Sergei Shoigu: everything he asserts is true (verifiable) and morally valid, yet Reuters presents it as false and inflammatory. People see their own nation, and foreign nations, through the filter of the press that’s available to them; so, if that filter is systematically distorting (distorting in… Read the rest

#Dsquaw: Fashion as Conquest Propaganda

By Danielle Miller. (The #Dsquaw Collection. Danielle Miller.) The relentless acts of cultural appropriation of Indigenous culture continue so frequently that it’s starting to look like a contest for conquest. Who can simultaneously exploit and disrespect Indigenous Cultures the most? A most shameless attempt for click bait somehow fashion continues… Read the rest

Higher Education and the Politics of Disruption

By Henry A. Giroux, Contributing Editor (“Dollarmen Graduates by Jared Rodriguez / flickr.) We now live at a time in which institutions that were meant to limit human suffering and misfortune and protect the public from the excesses of the market have been either weakened or abolished. (1) The consequences… Read the rest

Zionist tool: The Republican Jewish Coalition

Crossposted with The Greanville Post, a fraternal site. Founded in 1985 as the National Jewish Coalition, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) is a Republican lobbying group that claims to serve as a “unique bridge between the Jewish community and Republican decision-makers.”[1] The organization is a central component of the Republican… Read the rest

How Putin Blocked the U.S. Pivot to Asia

Get Vlad! by MIKE WHITNEY, Counterpunch “The collapse of the Soviet Union removed the only constraint on Washington’s power to act unilaterally abroad…. Suddenly the United States found itself to be the Uni-power, the ‘world’s only superpower.’  Neoconservatives proclaimed ‘the end of history.’” —  Paul Craig Roberts,  former Assistant Secretary… Read the rest

Behind the Great Western Firewall Is the Ugly Truth

OpEds “…carried to its logical conclusion, US foreign policy will mean the end of humanity as we know it.” The Great Western Firewall vs. the Great Firewall of China: different methodologies, identical results. ( A truth untold is a lie. A fact hidden is censorship. – Jeff J. Brown  … Read the rest
Trinity Obelisk marking the Trinity detonation site. Photo by Kelly Michals / flickr.

From Manhattan Project to A.I.: The Coming Synthetic Rewrite of Nature

By Jay Dyer It is not by accident or organic, “grassroots” trend that numerous films are coming focused on artificial intelligence and the transhumanist takeover.  From H.G. Wells’ tales of genetic chimaeras in The Island of Dr. Moreau to Sixth Day with Schwarzenegger, to coming A.I. films like Chappie, the… Read the rest
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