Behind the Great Western Firewall Is the Ugly Truth

OpEds “…carried to its logical conclusion, US foreign policy will mean the end of humanity as we know it.” The Great Western Firewall vs. the Great Firewall of China: different methodologies, identical results. ( A truth untold is a lie. A fact hidden is censorship. – Jeff J. Brown  … Read the rest
Trinity Obelisk marking the Trinity detonation site. Photo by Kelly Michals / flickr.

From Manhattan Project to A.I.: The Coming Synthetic Rewrite of Nature

By Jay Dyer It is not by accident or organic, “grassroots” trend that numerous films are coming focused on artificial intelligence and the transhumanist takeover.  From H.G. Wells’ tales of genetic chimaeras in The Island of Dr. Moreau to Sixth Day with Schwarzenegger, to coming A.I. films like Chappie, the… Read the rest

Bill Maher’s flaccid denunciation of corporate news

ANNOTATION BY PATRICE GREANVILLE Maher (Via DonkeyHotey, flickr) Maher’s skewering of Brian Williams & Co loses focus and fizzles out after a few sentences. [A]s usual, Bill Maher, the establishment liberals’ enfant terrible, lost a great opportunity to really delve deeply and effectively into the bankruptcy of corporate media “news”… Read the rest

The New Age Mythology

By Michael Parenti Escapist politics takes many forms—including a complete “rejection” of politics. Hippie culture, 1960s. (Via P. Townsend, flickr) There are many roads to political quietism. In contrast to the cynical defeatism discussed in the previous chapter are the beliefs of the 1960s youth culture or counterculture that carried… Read the rest

Broken Windows, Workfare, and the Battle for Public Space in Giuliani’s New York

By Jacob Ertel (Abandoned homes in east NY. Creative Commons license.) Introduction [D]aniel Pantaleo, the rogue police officer who choked the unarmed 43-year-old Black man named Eric Garner to death for allegedly selling single untaxed cigarettes, will not go to trial. Garner was murdered on July 17, 2014 in his… Read the rest

There Oughta Be a Law Against….

By Gary Corseri 1.[C]hokeholds. In 1901, Mark Twain wrote an essay called “The United States of Lyncherdom”—his protest against, and disgust with, the practice of lynching blacks in the U.S. South. When Officer Daniel Pantaleo jumped Eric Garner from behind—a cowardly act belying his clownish behavior, waving to a video… Read the rest

Can the Power of Love Heal the Wounds of War? Veterans Meet the Black Madonna

By Rowan Wolf, Editor in Chief [Former Oregon National Guardsman SFC Sean Davis as Sgt Bryan and Michael Mayes as Adam. Photo: Jenny Graham/Anima Mundi Productions.] [A]lmost everyone knows someone who went to war and came back a very different – and damaged – person. We have finally defined an… Read the rest

Milan Kohout, the onetime noted anti-Soviet dissident now chastises US imperialism

André Vltchek’s remarkable interview with the enfant terrible of anti-imperialist politics, Milan Kohout. The onetime anti-Soviet dissident speaks out on life under capitalism, and what it does to the human soul. PRODUCTION NOTES & CREDITS Published on Nov 13, 2014 Milan Kohout is a Czech/US political performer, filmmaker and thinker,… Read the rest
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