They are Charlie, too. “We are all Charlie!” The induced psychosis has taken hold.

The Collapse of French Intellectual Diversity; Meditations on a Zombie Culture

They are Charlie, too. “We are all Charlie!” The induced psychosis has taken hold. By Andre Vltchek, Contributing Editor (All photos by the author) There are several machine gunners in front of the Charlie Hebdo building in Paris. These are cops, wearing bulletproof vests, carrying powerful weapons. They stare at… Read the rest

Europe: Old Friendships, Hesitant Alliances

By Gaither Stewart, Sr. Editor In the late 1950s many signs of the carpet bombing of Germany were still evident. Though the factories had been at work since soon after war’s end, the first wave of post-war, cheap and hurried housing construction was the rule. Germans were still rebuilding train… Read the rest

Huxley to Orwell: My Hellish Vision of the Future is Better Than Yours (1949)

By Jonathan Crow (George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.) In 1949, George Orwell received a curious letter from his former high school French teacher. Orwell had just published his groundbreaking book Nineteen Eighty-Four, which received glowing reviews from just about every corner of the English-speaking world. His French teacher, as it… Read the rest

Longtime friend and media gadfly Danny Schechter passes on

By Patrice Greanville, Publisher (Photo:Danny Schechter speaking at the 2008 Asia Media Summit.) I first met Danny Schechter in the late 1970s, during the ramping up of a Westport-based organization called the New England Communications Task Force (NECTF), which I had founded as a tool for radical press criticism. In… Read the rest

#Dsquaw: Fashion as Conquest Propaganda

By Danielle Miller. (The #Dsquaw Collection. Danielle Miller.) The relentless acts of cultural appropriation of Indigenous culture continue so frequently that it’s starting to look like a contest for conquest. Who can simultaneously exploit and disrespect Indigenous Cultures the most? A most shameless attempt for click bait somehow fashion continues… Read the rest

Higher Education and the Politics of Disruption

By Henry A. Giroux, Contributing Editor (“Dollarmen Graduates by Jared Rodriguez / flickr.) We now live at a time in which institutions that were meant to limit human suffering and misfortune and protect the public from the excesses of the market have been either weakened or abolished. (1) The consequences… Read the rest

Selma, Obama and the Colonization of Black Resistance

By Ajamu Baraka (Graphic by Carlos Smith / flickr.) “To cleanse history in the name of a false patriotism that celebrates a new illiteracy as a way of loving the United States is a discourse of anti-memory, a willful attempt at forgetting the past in the manufactured fog of historical… Read the rest

‘Epic Fail’: Feminism and Ecological Crises

By Robert Jensen (Brand forest fire via pixabay, PD.) We humans are an epic fail. In internet-speak, that term can be used derisively or sympathetically. A failure of grand proportions can be labeled “epic” either to mock or to offer condolences to someone who fails so completely. However, given the… Read the rest

Arab World: Political Disintegration and the Search for Reason

By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja (Picture from Revolutions-Arabb.) The Arab masses live in a matrix of lies and delusion. While oil exporting economic prosperity glitters from distance, the Arab world is fast becoming a worse than useless entity in global affairs. West Europeans used several million Arabs to fight their… Read the rest

How Putin Blocked the U.S. Pivot to Asia

Get Vlad! by MIKE WHITNEY, Counterpunch “The collapse of the Soviet Union removed the only constraint on Washington’s power to act unilaterally abroad…. Suddenly the United States found itself to be the Uni-power, the ‘world’s only superpower.’  Neoconservatives proclaimed ‘the end of history.’” —  Paul Craig Roberts,  former Assistant Secretary… Read the rest
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