ISIL in Iraq June 2014.

ISIS and the Spectacle of Terrorism: Resisting Mainstream Workstations of Fear

By Henry A. Giroux. The use of new digital technologies and social media by ISIS has drawn a great deal of attention by the dominant media not only because the… Read the rest

US Launches Wars and Backs Coups in the Name of Democracy, but Won’t Back Real Democracy Activists in Hong Kong

By Dave Lindorff. Originally published at This Can’t Be Happening. [Protestors in Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of Facebook page Hong Kong's "Umbrella Revolution" Pro-democracy Protests 2014.] The US claims to… Read the rest

World Buzzing in Aftermath of ISIS Psyop

By Bernie Suarez. Psychological operations and the end result of these operations are little known to most of humanity. Those that conduct the operations don’t announce what they are doing,… Read the rest

Corporate Environmentalism: The Race To The Bottom

CORY MORNINGSTAR  CROSSPOSTED WITH COUNTERCURRENTS, A FRATERNAL SITE Reposted by reader suggestion. (Originally posted 23 February, 2011, This piece is one of  Cory Morningstar and Gregory Vickrey’s hard-hitting critiques of… Read the rest
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