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CJournal’s “Virtual University” is our way of introducing our audience to the equivalent of an online curriculum on social, economic, historical, and political affairs rarely touched by the establishment educational system, media, and other instruments that form and manipulate personal opinions.

CJournal’s Virtual University documents are carefully picked for their power to do more than just instruct and inform; they must be empowering, and, in more ways than you expect, transformative. We harbor another simple ambition: to give the “students” of this online political curriculum an understanding of society and the world like they could have never acquired even after many long years of college and graduate studies.


There are actually four categories in the “University.” Below is the list and links to all of them. However, you may be interested in a specific type of article. Here are the links to each category:

CJ Virtual University. This is the main category, but also included those articles of merit that include or even go beyond a specific strength or focus.


> Analysis. These articles provide analysis that is particularly noteworthy or provides specific insight into an issue or topic.


> History. The strength and focus of these articles is the presentation of historical events. Often they bring to light aspects of the historical record that have been lost or effectively censored.


> Marxism and Socialism. As the title implies, the focus of these articles is specifically on the application or exploration of Marxism and/or socialism.


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2 comments on “CJ Virtual Univ
  1. And where can this virtual university be accessed? I just see a description of it, but no content or links. Or do you just mean the website in general?

  2. My apologies, some of the site is still under construction from a move and reorganization. If you go to the Categories pull down box, you will find a category “CJT Virtual University.” We have been reconstructing the Virtual U under that category.

    Thanks so much for bothering to ask!

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