John Trudell, Warrior Poet Passes

By Rowan Wolf, Editor in Chief John Trudell, life-long activist for the oppressed, First Nations, and our mother Earth has passed. John was an amazing person who had experienced personally just how horrid this government can be when his... Read More →

Dear Friends of Cyrano's Journal,

As you know, these are trying times in a multitude of ways and we all only have so much energy and time to try and do what we can to move the world in a positive direction. For this reason, Cyrano's Journal is immediately ceasing active publication. However, Cyrano's, myself included, are moving to our sister site, The Greanville Post (TGP) where I will be serving as Managing Editor.

Cyrano's and The Greanville Post have always been part of the same publishing group, sharing the same ethical and political footing. Now we are all pooling our energies and resources into one publication. Those things that brought you to Cyrano's will live on at The Greanville Post where you will find an incredible array of articles, authors, and activists. Further, Cyrano's will remain accessible and all of the thousands of articles available to you and others.

Anyone wishing to submit articles for consideration should submit them to The Greanville Post following these guidelines.

I may be reached at

Thank you all for your support. I hope to see you "across the street" at TGP!

Keep Striving for a Better World.

Rowan Wolf

December 11, 2015


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