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Single-payer healthcare blocked by Obama & Congress

SENATORS MAX BAUCUS AND CHARLES GREELEY, prominent among the politicians currently betraying the public interest in connection with health care reform. ||| VIDEO AND COMMENTARY ||| For those who understand that America is nothing but a formal democracy, the continuing scandal of US health care is no surprise. Still, the Obama team and the rest of the Democratic party leadership may have elevated the demagogic “soft approach” to containing the masses to an art form. Barack Obama, elected on a platform of “change—yes, we can” and other clever Madison Avenue mantras—has promised to fix (among other things) the American system of health delivery, but so far what we continue to see is just new variations of the old “bait & switch” approach to government, with more of the same bankrupt status quo hidden behind carefully cultivated smoke curtains.

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"Historic Suspicions" / By John Caruso

“Historic suspicions”? Yes, I imagine the International Court of Justice decision condemning the United States for its covert war against Nicaragua might have raised Nicaraguan suspicions of U.S. interference. And I guess the report of the UN’s Historical Clarification Commission for Guatemala, documenting U.S. backing of the genocidal forces the U.S. had installed in the 1954 coup, might have made the Guatemalans suspicious as well. And I suppose watching U.S. planes, helicopter gunships, and warships destroying the El Chorrillo neighborhood of Panama during the 1989 invasion might also have given the Panamians some suspicions about U.S. interference.

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A Tapestry of Lies / By Mike Whitney

IMAGE: Ronald Reagan in 1976, Gov. of California. It was the beginning of the ascent to the White House, with awful consequences for America and the world. Reagan’s foreign policy was marked by naked imperialism, interventionism in poor countries, and smug rhetoric. Today, Obama’s policies aim to fulfill the same imperial mandate, under similar demogoguery.
“For leftists, Obama has been a total bust. He’s escalated the war in Afghanistan, increased the cross-border bombings of Pakistan, hemmed and hawed about prosecuting war crimes, refused to actively lobby House members to make it easier for workers to organize (EFCA), and surrounded himself with bank industry reps who’ve committed $12.8 trillion to sinking financial institutions with no assurance that the money would be repaid. Apart from a trifling bill on stem cells, Obama has done absolutely zero to confirm his bone fides as a liberal. The truth is, Obama is neither liberal nor conservative; he’s simply an inspiring orator and a skillful politician who has no strong convictions about anything.”

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A Meditation on Our Monetary System: State of Permanent Siege* / By Richard Cook

IMAGE: JOHN PIERPONT MORGAN, the quintessential “financial buccaneer.” This is a retouched picture since Morgan suffered from an advanced case of rosacea that severely deformed his naturally bulbous nose. And is that a butcher’s knife on his left hand or the chair’s arm?
“The IMF announcement is in fact the start of a worldwide program of genocide similar to what was done to Russia in the 1990s, with crushing poverty, slashing of incomes, reduction of benefits for the poor and elderly, rising levels of disease and malnutrition, and reduction of life expectancy. We in the West will view the carnage with alarm from our own stripped-down economies but remain docile out of fear the same will be done to us….”

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Goodbye, Bill of Rights / By Philip Giraldi

“Those who hoped that the change promised by candidate Barack Obama would include repeal of the various acts that have stripped Americans of their constitutional rights should be disappointed. Benjamin Franklin supposedly wrote, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The citation is likely apocryphal, at least in terms of its attribution to Franklin, but it is useful shorthand for the unfortunate abandonment of many of the liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution as a consequence of 9/11.”

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